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The Fixturlaser Laser Kit

Laser shaft alignment designed and built for mechanics has finally reached a price level where you can say it has become available for everyone.

Low cost is traditionally known as giving up on either usability or quality, or both. Not this time. The Fixturlaser Laser Kit consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers .The use of line lasers simplifies the setup process minimizing setup time. To make it even easier the sensors comes pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup.

The software runs on a tablet, or phone, guiding the user through the entire alignment process. The user interface is entirely graphical and uses no text, no language barriers to overcome. The software leaves you without any doubt how your machine is aligned and when your job is completed. Reporting is automatic and contains all relevant information.

As you can see, the Fixturlaser Laser Kit has all the basic functionality you can expect from an entry level laser shaft alignment system. The technical platform which the system is built upon is common with our most successful and reliable providing for a long and trouble-free operation.

Adaptive User Interface

The adaptive user interface will guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process. Our adaptive user interface is based on icons and symbols, thus eliminating any language barriers.

Vertizontal Moves

The function – VertiZontal Moves – you only have to measure once before making the required vertical and horizontal adjustments. The VertiZontal moves is a innovative and time saving features.

Pre-mounted sensors

The sensors comes pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup.

Auto Connection via Bluetooth

The sensors will automatically be connected as soon as the app starts!

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