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Gearboxes are essential devices found everywhere in industrial manufacturing facilities, providing even distribution of power and torque wherever needed to fuel manufacturing productivity and profits. Despite how ubiquitous gearboxes may be, it‘s easy to overlook their repair needs. Forgoing routine maintenance on any gearbox could spell disaster for the entire production system. In order to keep everything running smoothly, be sure to take the time to perform basic upkeep and repairs on gearboxes to get the most out of their lifespan.

In order to prevent the need for any costly repairs or downtime, the first and most important part of any maintenance plan is diagnosing problems before they happen using vibration analysis.

gearbox repair maintenance

It can assess what and where the damage has occurred simply by analyzing the frequency of the vibration being produced by the gearbox. Each gear mesh and bearing, depending on its size and shape, creates a certain frequency. Spikes in these frequencies can give an engineer insight into what is happening inside the gearbox – data that can be used to diagnose the problem.

Another tool is oil analysis, a key indicator of gearbox health and can prolong gearbox life span.

The gearbox‘s oil should be regularly changed according to the needs of the specific system. Just like in a car‘s engine, oil lubricates the gears and prevents them from grinding against each other.

In the process of changing oil, a sample of the old oil can be collected and sent to a lab, where an analysis of particles inside it can reveal potential underlying issues in the gearbox.

Even without this analysis, taking note of any excessive surface heat, odd vibrations or unusual noises coming from a gearbox can help identify most issues that may need a closer look.

ALPS MSI offers comprehensive solutions to keep your rebuilt gearbox work reliably. It‘s possible to schedule proactive repairs ahead of time, as well as keep an inventory of spare parts stocked and ready for quick fixes.