II. Reliability Engineering Services

Reliability engineering that emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product. Dependability, or reliability, describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Reliability is closely related to availability, which is typically described as the ability of a component or system to function at a specified moment or interval of time.

Reliability engineering deals with the estimation, prevention and management of high levels of “lifetime” engineering uncertainty and risks of failure.

Reliability engineering focuses on costs of failure caused by system downtime, cost of spares, repair equipment, personnel, and cost of warranty claims.

Model Based Voltage Current Analysis Services

AMT Pro is a portable instrument based on ISO 20958 Section 4.3.4 (Model Based Voltage Current Analysis). AMT Pro is a comprehensive, portable monitoring and diagnostic system that captures data from rotating machinery and can be used to detect and diagnose electrical (rotor & stator, power quality, and unbalance voltage and current), mechanical (looseness/foundation, unbalance/misalignment, transmission element/ driven equipment, bearings, cavitation, turbulence, and efficiency), faults in any location. It is designed for quick set up, easy data collection with no requirement or expertise in the analysis.

With the following product features:

– Comprehensive Fault Coverage
– Automated Fault Diagnosis
– Only Viable Solution for Hard to Reach Motors
– Early Fault Detection
– Effects Of Faults On Energy Efficiency

ISO 10816-3 Mechanical Vibration Analysis Services

Vibration analysis services are an essential part of predictive maintenance programs for machinery and equipment. This service involves collecting and analyzing vibration data to identify any changes in vibration patterns, which can help detect potential issues before they result in costly breakdowns.

Vibration analysis services use advanced tools and techniques to measure and analyze the vibration characteristics of machinery and equipment. These techniques can identify various types of issues, including unbalanced rotors, misalignment, bearing wear, looseness, and resonance.

By detecting these issues early, vibration analysis services can help prevent costly downtime and repairs. We used Acoem OneProd Smart Wireless Vibration Analyzer, an innovative and powerful tool for quickly and accurately analyzing vibration in a wide variety of industrial applications. It offers precise monitoring of vibration levels, advanced analytics and predictive maintenance capabilities, and the ability to connect to other systems for remote monitoring. This makes it an ideal choice for any organization looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for optimizing vibration performance

Laser Alignment Services

The Acoem Laser Alignment System is an advanced laser measurement system that provides accuracy and efficiency in alignment and precise positioning of machines. It is easy to install and use, and offers precise measurements, fast alignment, and reliable performance. The system is ideal for industrial and commercial applications, and provides a cost-effective solution for measuring and aligning machines. Misalignment generates energy losses.

Dynamic Balancing Services

Blower dynamic balancing is an essential process that ensures the proper operation of blowers used in various industrial applications. This process involves adjusting the mass distribution of the blower’s rotating components, such as the impeller, to minimize vibration and improve performance. Unbalance generates an energy losses.

When a blower is not correctly balanced, it can lead to excessive vibrations that can cause damage to the blower itself and other components in the system. These vibrations can also result in increased noise levels and reduced efficiency, which can impact productivity and increase maintenance costs.

Piping Monitoring Solution Services

Piping monitoring solutions are crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of industrial processes. Acoem NESTi4.0 software is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor piping systems and detect any anomalies that may indicate potential problems. This software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data from sensors and provide real-time alerts and notifications.

Some key features of Acoem NESTi4.0 software for piping monitoring solutions include:

1. Real-time monitoring: The software provides real-time monitoring of piping systems, allowing operators to quickly detect any potential problems and take corrective action.

2. Sensor integration: Acoem NESTi4.0 software can integrate with various types of sensors, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and vibration sensors, to provide comprehensive monitoring of piping systems.

3. Predictive analytics: The software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data from sensors and provide predictive analytics. This enables operators to anticipate potential problems and take proactive measures to prevent them.

4. Customizable alerts and notifications: Acoem NESTi4.0 software allows operators to set up customizable alerts and notifications based on specific parameters. This enables them to receive immediate notifications when readings exceed predetermined thresholds.

On-line Condition Monitoring Services

Online condition monitoring services is a combination of based on ISO 10816- Mechanical Vibration Analysis and ISO 20958 Section 4.3.4 Model Based Voltage Current Analysis are an important tool for monitoring the health of generators, motors, and industrial machinery.

The MVX is a powerful and intelligent, real-time, multi-channel data analyzer. The MVX gathers multiple data-types, including vibration, IEPE, and voltage, in real-time, giving you the power to stop machine failures before they happen.
 Real-time condition monitoring
 Configurable size, from 8 to 32 channels
 Shock Finder, making the MVX capable of monitoring very slow-spinning shafts
 Management of numerous operating conditions, defined using one or more process parameters
 Data gathered by any other ONEPROD tool integrates seamlessly through the NEST with data gathered by the MVX
 Can work hand in hand with your existing catastrophic protection system

Artesis Technology System’s e-PCM monitors the condition of generators and their prime movers, effectively using the generator itself as a sophisticated transducer. It uses advanced NASA-developed technology to provide automated set-up and fault diagnosis with minimal user intervention. It is simpler to use and more cost-effective than conventional systems. e-PCM is applicable to a very wide range of equipment, including turbo-alternators, diesel generators, and wind turbines, and is particularly valuable for equipment in inaccessible or hazardous environments.

e-PCM constantly takes measurements and compares them with its reference condition, in order to assess the severity and type of any developing fault. It is able to recognize abnormalities in a wide range of operating states, and is even able to extend its self-learning process when it recognizes that it has moved beyond its original learning limits. This allows e-PCM to achieve very sensitive detection of faults without false alarms.

When e-PCM detects a fault, it presents the results of its sophisticated analysis to the user in a simple, compelling traffic light display. This provides local staff with an immediate indication that a problem is developing. Detailed diagnostic information is provided by means of its standard networking facilities, and covers a very wide range of mechanical and electrical problems including imbalance, misalignment, bearing damage, gearbox faults, isolation, and many others. A relay output is also provided so that specific alarm conditions can be annunciated by visual or audible warnings, or communicated to a control systems.

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