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Vibration Analysis

Unscheduled downtime may cost millions of pesos per hour. Fortunately, modern vibration analysis equipment and software predict developing problems so that repair happens before disaster strikes.

ALPS MSI has the expertise and license to conduct vibration analysis with end result of providing Reliability Improvement, Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance

Case Study: Pump

The pump is brand new and operational 2008. In August 12, 2009 equipment owner hired our services to conduct Proactive Reliability Maintenance – Vibration Analysis. Below is the screenshot of the vibration results.

Vibration Analysis RPM Result
Vibration Level
Vibration Analysis Certificate

We recommended inspection why bearings were failing in spite that it was still considered brand new. In early part of April 2010, equipment owner called our attention that pump casing cracked as show in Figure 1.

Further inspection revealed as follows:

  • Defective Pump Inboard Bearing No. 7314 BEJ single
  • Defective Pump Outboard Bearing no. NU 314 ECJ/C3.
  • Damaged oil seals.
  • Mechanical seal condition was still good.

Action taken:

  • Re-machine the shaft to the required interference fits that will fit two pieces of 7314 BECBJ arranged backto-back. Aligned motor and pump shaft using Fixturlaser NXA Alignment System.

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Fig 1 Crack Casing


Motor Circuit Analysis

(MCA) is the most powerful condition monitoring technology for evaluating the health of your electrical motor using the following parameters according to EASA AR100-2015 Recommended Practice Section 4 – Testing, particularly the following parameters:

  • Insulation Resistance Test, AKA ‗Megger‘ detects grounded lines between winding and motor body;
  • Non-destructive Test, DC – Hipot test detects conditions between slot insulation and stator core;
  • Surge Comparison Test – detects integrity of winding between turn-to-turn, phase-tophase, coil-to-coil, open winding or wrong connections;
  • Winding Resistance Test –applies an AC voltage to the two leads of a coil and the voltage and current are measured. Using Ohm‘s Law the impedance is calculated. The impedance of the individual coils is then compared for relative equality among coils that are intended to have equal electromagnetic qualities.

This is the result if no periodic motor circuit analysis that resulted to breakdown – burnt windings.