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About MSSI

The opportunity for energy savings is very significant in the Philippines based on the following:

  • The Philippines has one of the highest electricity prices in Asia at US$0.155/kWh
  • ALPS MSI had experienced system improvement by 30 – 45% energy savings in retrofitting cooling towers and motor replacement, equating to a total potential market savings of 4,000 GWhs or US$600 million per year for an investment of US$300 million.
  • ALPS MSI presented “Energy Conservation Through System Efficiency Improvement” was one of the finalist presented to Asian Forum for Clean Energy Financing 2015 held in Singapore on 6 February 2015. Motor System Savings, Inc. was then established.

Business Objectives

The objectives of MSSI’s business are to:

  • exploit the huge energy-efficient motor market where there is no ESCO competition;
  • provide an immediate and high cash IRR to Investors and its shareholders;


The below benefits are the same traditional ones that have been provided by ESCOs for decades in many countries around the world.

  • No upfront capital cost for motors and ownership transferred to Host at end of ESCO contract
  • Positive cash flow: paid from current operating costs
  • No development or implementation costs or risks
  • Measured reductions in operating costs and
  • GHG (including CO2) emissions from EE
  • Improved ratios: return on assets, equity, etc.
  • Increased global competitiveness from improved cash flow and “green” footprint.

Services Offered

A. Energy Savings Performance Contracts

MSSI is an ESCO that will implement the Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), contracting model. An CSO develops, finances and implements end-use energy efficiency projects (“EEPs”) on a ‘turn-key’ basis within an end-use energy facility (“Host”) and invests all upfront capital to implement EEPs in exchange for a share of Host’s savings over a specified term.

Business Model

B. Energy Audit

An energy audit is an inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. It may include a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output. In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprint.

C. Energy Conservation

Energy conservation effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service. This can be achieved either by using
energy more efficiently or by reducing the amount of service used. Energy conservation is a part of the concept of eco-sufficiency.

  • Design, supply, install, commissioning, & testing of brand new cooling tower;
  • Retrofitting of cooling towers

D. Energy Efficiency Technology & Services

E. Design, Supply, Construct, Install, Testing, & Commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment

With its team of aspiring professionals equipped with the competences and skills demanded by the complexity of the changing industry and innovative techniques required by the state of the art engineering practices, MSSI also provides extensive project management, operation & maintenance services and offers knowledge-driven solutions for complex construction projects as an Electro-Mechanical Contractor.

MSSI is based upon the belief that the key to success and long presence in business lies in a commitment to understanding and meeting its clients’ requirements for quality, safety, workmanship, on-time delivery and value-for-money.

MSSI’s expertise spans the whole construction industry spectrum. The primary fields MSSI is specialized on include, but are not limited to energy projects, industrial facilities, buildings, as well as operation & maintenance projects.

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